Young boy with piano teacher in Wrexham

Wellbeing Referrals

Our Music for Wellbeing service accepts referrals from Local Authorities, Youth Justice, Charities, Care Providers and Families for children and young people facing health, educational and social disadvantages.

We use music to offer children and young people opportunities to:

Sessions are delivered on a 1:1 basis and tailored to the needs and interests of the child or young person. Using a variety of musical instruments and/or music technology, these are collaborative sessions with the tutor, and could involve spontaneous music making, learning how to play a familiar song or tune, or composing an original song or a piece of music. Our recording studio can also be used when required.

This is a flexible process that is designed to ensure that activities are needs led, reduce any anxiety, and encourage self-expression, exploration, fun and development.

Our referral services are delivered at our purpose-built building where we have a suite of music rooms, recording studios, rehearsal space and meeting rooms.

How to make a referral

  1. Fill out our referral form and send it to us
  2. We will let you know whether we can help the child or young person within 5 working days
  3. Once a referral has been accepted, fees will be agreed and a tutor assigned
  4. An initial session will enable the tutor to assess the needs of the referred child or young person, and design further activities to address these and build their confidence and skills
  5. A schedule of sessions is agreed
  6. Sessions commence and feedback is provided as required

Every child or young person referred to us must be accompanied by a professional provided by the client organisation or a guardian or family member. In all cases, Wrexham Sounds will require prior notice of the accompanying individual and may request ID to confirm this.

Referral Fees

Our referral fees for local families are subsidised by our income from Music Lessons.

Referrals to our Music for Wellbeing service are charged as follows:

Our referral fees for local families are subsidised by grants and other income.

For families who refer directly:

For organisational referrers: